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Enhancing Athletic and Artistic Performance

Man playing golf

Whether you play on the field or perform on the stage, having the mental edge means the difference between a good performance, or fantastic success. Some people describe this type of seemingly easy success as “Being In The Zone”. Everything goes right, and you’re enjoying what you do, without needless worry. Top rank athletes have successfully used mental rehearsal and visualization as part of training and preparation for competition for decades. Now, the same technologies are available for you to enhance your performance and get in the zone.

Mental attitude plays an important role in sports. The competitor who does not believe he or she will play well and win is not likely to do so. A player who is lacking self-confidence is often prone to indecision, and making mistakes. Self-confidence naturally follows once skills are mastered. By learning and using self-hypnosis a person can enhance skills and boost self-confidence in a short period of time. In a 1970's study of basketball players, free throw percentages of a test group that only visualized goals thrown from the line improved more than the group that physically practice their throws.

Performance artists and also benefit from self-hypnosis. Musicians, actors, and dancers can often find the experience of performing in front of a live audience to be overwhelming. Some talented individuals feel such intense feelings of “stage fright” that they give up their dreams of becoming professional performers. Fears that memorized music, lines or choreography will be forgotten can be alleviated by learning how to access stored memories, and self-confidence is enhanced.

Hypnosis Can Help Performance

Hypnotic performance enhancement programs are helpful for improving skills, reducing fear, tension and worries while building real self-confidence.

Using self-hypnosis can help to improve physical and artistic performance in a variety of ways.

• Mental rehearsal enhances physical performance.

• Self-confidence is enhanced.

• Relaxation causes movement to be fluid and natural.

• Attention becomes focused for practice and events

A winning performance starts in the mind. Athletic endeavors, artistic expression and creativity can improve with hypnotic enhancement.


"The greatest efforts in sports came when the mind is as still as a glass lake."
                             - Timothy Gallwey

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