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Counseling and hypnotherapy services may be used for many psychological issues and medical conditions.  Although hypnosis is not always needed for success, many changes can be made easier using hypnotic techniques.

About Finding a Professional

Services for Individuals:

- Stress management
- Communication problems
- Pain management (with referral only)
- Hypnotic natural child birth
- Grief and loss
- NYS DMV Approved Alcohol Evaluations
- Anger management
Weight Loss
How to Stop Smoking
- Career counseling
- Catastrophic illness
- Occupational stress
- Crisis resolution
- Unwanted Worries
- Relaxation training

Services for Couples and Families:

- Parenting issues
- Marital problems
- Premarital counseling
- Communication skill building

Child & Adolescent Services:

- Sports & Artistic Performance Enhancement
- Better grades
- End bedwetting
- Stop thumb sucking 
- Positive self-esteem
- Social skill building
- Behavior problems

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About You and Your Stress

When you're under stress the thoughtful parts of your brain become less active, and the more primitive reactive parts take over. This is why people who are under stress react quickly, defensively, and sometimes not too thoughtfully.

Prolonged stress can lead to, or complicate health problems. Some people attempt to cope with high stress levels through increased tobacco, alcohol or other substance use, but this really isn't helpful.

There are three ways to eliminate unhealthy stress:

  • Change the circumstances that cause it.
  • Change the way you think and feel about it.
  • Learn and use anti-stress exercises to reduce stress.

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