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You Can Feel Good Again

Creating Positive Changes

When It Is Time For A Positive Change


Traditionally, we tend to find ourselves reflecting on our goals and accomplishments around New Year's Day. We also look at what areas we can improve upon.   We often resolve to change, make more of our future, and give up old habits.  We promise to construct some changes to make things better for ourselves. But, any time old patterns become uncomfortable can become the time we decide to create a positive change.  The focus may be on personal health issues such as weight control and stopping smoking, or other ways of making life better, like having the family together for dinner more than just a couple of nights a week, to not get so stressed out while driving, or to finally save some money just to be used for an emergency-- a beginning to fiscal well-being.


These familiar resolutions are really transitions.  And, transitioning into a new lifestyle or behavior successfully requires some planning and self-reflection. When we choose to make such a transition, we need to give up our old definitions of the world, our old ways of doing things, and we find ourselves challenged by the process of “letting go”.  Endings are difficult for most people, even when we are unhappy with the way things used to be because we are more comfortable with what is familiar.  The unknown can cause uneasy feelings.  Once we let go, however, we enter a period of feeling disconnected from the past but not yet connected to the present—this has been called the neutral zone.  This is when we can benefit from much self-reflection, and assess what we really want out of life.  It is also a time when we can reorient ourselves toward the future.


Embracing The New You


Authentic new beginnings emerge from a renewal of energy, and a realignment of the ways we look at the world.  Sometimes we look for external signs to guide us, but our inner attitudes toward life, our renewed self-knowledge and our instinct are really the underpinning of our new beginnings.  By relying on our inner voice to tell us where to go in life, we are likely to have more motivation than if we were to depend on the expectations provided by others.  When the path we must take in life becomes clear, it is then time to take action and make things happen.  We identify ourselves as traveling on a new road and commit to the process by following through with each step. 

Tips For Making a Positive Change


Give Yourself Enough Time.  Although we may feel uncomfortable during a transition, especially in giving up old indulgences, to create new activities prematurely without giving ourselves enough time to reflect, may only serve to perpetuate the old ways, and a wonderful opportunity may be missed.


Tolerate The Discomfort.   When working on changing habits, we often experience some times of anxiety and insecurity.  Theses are normal feelings and are part of the process, but they are only temporary.  Learning to use self-hypnosis can decrease the intensity of these types of feelings.  Trust yourself to see your way through the transition, and face the challenge with veracity.


Take Good Care Of Yourself.   A planned transition can temporarily introduce stress into your life, and you may notice a difference in the way you socialize or do other activities.  Treat yourself to something healthy that you find comforting and pleasurable each day.  Get a healthy amount of sleep, and attend to your nutritional and exercise needs.


Seek Support.  A trained professional therapist can encourage and guide you through the process in a safe setting.  The support of friends and family is also important, but beware of the advice givers.  While advice may be helpful at times, your greater need at this time is to explore your own feelings and to find your own truth.  Therapy provides a safe and productive way to travel this leg of your journey.

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