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This site’s content is freely available to all visitors without submitting site registration or entering into membership.  As the internet is an ever changing space the need for modifications to this Privacy Policy may become necessary and changes may be made with notice given to opt-in visitors


Interested parties may contact us via e-mail to ask questions, schedule appointments for counseling and hypnotherapy at our Long Island, NY office, arrange on-site trainings and the like, without automatically being added to a mailing list.


At we are very aware of people’s concerns about privacy, and the need to streamline tasks in order to save time, and keep life manageable.  With keeping this in mind, we do not send unwanted messages (spam) to our site’s visitors.


This website utilizes a web host traffic tracking program for counting hits and visitors to the site, any information gathered and cookies placed are used by us for the sole purpose of site management, and data for developing site promotion strategies.


We offer an opt-in only list for notifying interested parties when updates to the site have taken place, and such requests for inclusion are never shared with third parties.  We allow all users to opt-out at any time from receiving e-mail messages and communications from  


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Nothing in cyberspace is totally hacker safe, and occasionally e-mail can be misdirected, thus our email messages contain an Electronic Communications Privacy Act  statement. 


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